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Let me be the first to welcome you to Unity Baptist Church! Perhaps you are looking for a church to visit in person or maybe you have been to a service and are now doing a little research. In either case I will take a moment and share a little about us.

As a small country church, we don’t have people directing traffic in the parking lot or a team of greeters to meet you at the front door. But I can promise you this: any visitor will be met and warmly welcomed. Our people will be happy to see you. My wife and I have served at Unity since October of 2014. I cannot write a long list of things our church “has to offer” but our goal is to be the body of Christ in this community. We read and study God’s Word and seek to share the Gospel – Good News – at every available opportunity.

Sunday School begins at 10 am and our worship service is at 11. Singing, praying, reading scripture, giving, preaching and the response to preaching are all acts of worship. We have Discipleship on Sunday evenings which is a small group focused on living the Christian life and a short worship service after that. On Wednesday evenings we have a short Bible study followed by prayer meeting. Throughout the year we have events like Easter Egg Hunts, 4th of July cookouts, Trunk ‘R Treat around Halloween and a Christmas dinner. Visit a few different things to get a good idea of who we and what we’re about. I don’t shove religion down anybody’s throat; I want to introduce to Jesus and tell you more about him. And don’t get the wrong idea – we’re still learning as well, myself included.

You can read about our beliefs, the church’s history and listen to sermons at this website. Contact me via email pastor@unitybaptist.church or give me a call (770) 608-7005 to schedule a pastoral meeting or discuss any concerns you may have. Don’t be a stranger. Feel free to drop in anytime we are here.

Clark Bunch
Pastor, Unity Baptist Church


Clark, Teresa and Johannah Bunch

Clark, Teresa and Johannah Bunch

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Sow Gospel Seeds

In Mark 4 Jesus shares some now well known parables about sowing and harvesting. Today we relate a couple of those to The Big Invite. Keep sowing Gospel seeds because some will find good soil, take root, and produce much fruit.


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Start Your New Beginning

Have you ever heard that in real life there is no reset button? The people who say that mean well but it’s not entirely true. There may be consequences for past actions that we have to deal with and work through; there is no going back and recalling lost years or wasted time. But it’s never too late to begin again. If you don’t like the direction life is heading, it’s never too late to change, to make a fresh start, to turn around.

Marriage counseling and debt relief programs can work on one aspect of a life at a time. Jesus can make lives new again. Bad news on the television represent things going on around us. What about the soul inside of you, how is it doing? Life takes a toll that wears us all down eventually. Just like your phone will die if not plugged in our spirits get drained dealing with the stress of life. Someday this world will end completely. Have you ever thought about what happens next?

You may have seen banners or church signs that say Start Your New Beginning. Someone from our church may have invited you recently or you may you came home to an invitation card hung on the door. Consider responding to that invitation, not to join our church or enroll in Sunday school. Just come on Easter morning. We expect many guests and first time visitors that day, so everyone will be warmly welcomed and there will not be any hoops to jump through. No pressure, just a clear presentation of the Gospel message. No matter what you’ve heard, and there’s a lot of misinformation going around, we’d like to introduce you to Jesus.

Click this link to meet some real people who have already made their new start. We hope to see you soon. Peace and blessings from Unity Baptist.

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Jesus Prayed

Last week I asked “Will you pray?” In Luke 22, Jesus prayed the night he was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. He was the Son of God, incarnate deity himself robed in flesh, yet made it a regular habit of praying. On this night he prayed until his sweat became great drops of blood. Jesus had a very healthy and active prayer life. Let us follow his example.


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Will You Pray?

March 5th – 12th is the Week of Prayer for North American Missions. Prayer gives us focus. There are so many voices competing for our attention. Among other things, prayer gives us a moment of clarity as remove all distractions and focus on speaking to and listening to the Holy Spirit.

Pictured below are the missionaries featured in our prayer guide.  Click here for more.


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Walk in Love III

Part 3 of the Walk in Love series. In Matthew 22, Jesus responds to the question of the greatest commandment.


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Walk in Love II

Ephesians 5 is about the love between a husband and wife, as an analogy for Christ and the Church. 1 John 4, the text for sermon 2 in this series, is about the love believers have for one another and extend to all people made in God’s image. We love because God first loved us.

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Walk in Love

 “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church. -Ephesians 5:31-32

The New Testament uses marriage to illustrate the relationship between Christ and his church. Paul writes to the Ephesians commanding husbands to love their wives the way Christ loves the church. We are told in 5:2 to “walk in love.”

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Upcoming Events

Easter April 16th
Georgia Baptists have set a goal to invite one million families to Easter services this year. The theme for the campaign is “Start Your New Beginning.” Churches across the state hope to see record attendance and many first time visitors. If you received a personal invitation or came home to a door hanger, please be our special guest. There will never be a better time to make a new start or start again!

National Day of Prayer May 4th
Local events include the Rome Area Prayer Breakfast and a coordinated effort to circle Gordon Hospital in prayer. Details of these and other events to come.



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Come and Dine

We are inundated constantly with messages and advertisements about food. We celebrate special occasions, holidays and even mourn the loss of loved ones by preparing food and decorating cakes. The Bible, from one end to the other, uses our need to be physically fed to illustrate spiritual needs. Join us in John 21 and accept Jesus’ invitation to come and dine.


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Register Now for Financial Peace University

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University will begin at Unity Baptist on Tuesday, March 7th. We have a special preview scheduled on Sunday, February 19th so you can get a feel for what the class will be like and have your questions answered and concerns addressed. Click here for more information about Financial Peace University.

If you are ready to sign up click this link for our page at the Financial Peace University website. Don’t forget to mention the class to family and friends.


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