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Let me be the first to welcome you to Unity Baptist Church! Perhaps you are looking for a church to visit in person or maybe you have been to a service and are now doing a little research. In either case I will take a moment and share a little about us.

As a small country church, we don’t have people directing traffic in the parking lot or a team of greeters to meet you at the front door. But I can promise you this: any visitor will be met and warmly welcomed. Our people will be happy to see you. My wife and I have served at Unity since October of 2014. I cannot write a long list of things our church “has to offer” but our goal is to be the body of Christ in this community. We read and study God’s Word and seek to share the Gospel – Good News – at every available opportunity.

Sunday School begins at 10 am and our worship service is at 11. Singing, praying, reading scripture, giving, preaching and the response to preaching are all acts of worship. We have Discipleship on Sunday evenings which is a small group focused on living the Christian life and a short worship service after that. On Wednesday evenings we have a short Bible study followed by prayer meeting. Throughout the year we have events like Easter Egg Hunts, 4th of July cookouts, Trunk ‘R Treat around Halloween and a Christmas dinner. Visit a few different things to get a good idea of who we and what we’re about. I don’t shove religion down anybody’s throat; I want to introduce to Jesus and tell you more about him. And don’t get the wrong idea – we’re still learning as well, myself included.

You can read about our beliefs, the church’s history and listen to sermons at this website. Contact me via email pastor@unitybaptist.church or give me a call (770) 608-7005 to schedule a pastoral meeting or discuss any concerns you may have. Don’t be a stranger. Feel free to drop in anytime we are here.

Clark Bunch
Pastor, Unity Baptist Church

Clark, Teresa and Johannah Bunch

Clark, Teresa and Johannah Bunch

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Your Opinion Please

One of these pics was taken during the recent snowfall. The other was taken the next day after the sun came out. If you had to pick just one for the cover of the Unity Baptist Facebook page, which would you choose? Answer in the comment section here or visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/UBCPlainville. (The cover image has changed but your vote still counts.)


Snow falling



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Advent Joy

a wreathAdvent traditions vary but if you have three purple candles and one that is pink, that brightly colored candle is lit on the third Sunday of Advent. The angels brought good tidings of great joy to a small group of shepherds near Bethlehem. The story of the shepherds is a good example of how receiving and sharing the Gospel works.

Joy to the world, the Lord is come! 

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Christmas Eve Service

Join us Sunday, December 24th at 4 pm for a special Christmas Eve service. We will have our regular Sunday School and morning worship service at 10:00 and 11:00 respectively. But instead of the regular evening services we will have a special gathering at 4 pm to sing together, read scripture and light the Christ candle in our Advent wreath. The service will be short, scriptural and share the Gospel. We will get in out in plenty of time for a Christmas Eve dinner with family.

Joy to the World, the Lord is come!


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Advent Faith

Lighting the Bethlehem Candle reminds us of the faith of Joseph and Mary. Joseph did as the angel commanded. Mary declared herself to be the servant of the Lord and added “let it be as you have said.” We don’t know what their families said or how their neighbors felt, but we can speculate a lot of things. The young couple were faithful and obedient and were greatly blessed for it. Faith is more than belief, it is belief that leads to action. An “act of faith” requires a response.


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Advent: Hope

Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 9.22.09 AMWe celebrate Hope on the first Sunday of Advent and light the Prophets’ candle. There are many scriptures that promise a Messiah and give different clues to help recognize him when he comes. Today we will begin in Deuteronomy with the promise of another prophet like Moses.

*It has come to my attention that we have started Advent a week early. I take full responsibility. There is nothing to be done about it now but continue on the course we have set and have a Christmas service on Dec. 24th. We are already planning a Christmas Eve service on the 24th at 4 pm and invited any and all to join us for that.

Sometimes there are five Sundays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Who knew?

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Christians at Antioch

And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. -Acts 11:26c NKJV

This sermon concludes our series on the early church. From the ascension of Christ in Acts 1 and the Day of Pentecost, through introductions of Stephen, Phillip and Saul, wrapping up with the Gentiles receiving not only the Gospel but also the Holy Spirit. There’s a lot of good stuff in there. If I preached a good sermon it’s because God gave us a lot of good stuff to work with.

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Advent Begins Nov. 26th

Advent wreath, candlesAdvent refers to the appearing of something. During the season of Advent we prepare for the incarnation, for Jesus to appear as God with us. Each of the four Sundays between Thanksgiving and Christmas has a theme, such as Hope or Faith, and we light the candles of the Advent wreath. We light a candle for the Prophets, for shepherds, for angels and for Joseph and Mary.

If you are frustrated with the commercialization of Christmas, the focus on stuff, or concerned that your family is missing the point – or that you have been – then join us to celebrate Advent. We can hang lights and give presents while also taking time to focus on the most important gift ever given.

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Peter Preaches to Gentiles

Acts 10:34-48

We know from reading Acts 2 and 3 the kinds of things that happen when Peter preaches. As he is preaching the Gospel – he doesn’t even get to finish his sermon – the Holy Spirit falls on the Gentiles gathered in Cornelius’s house. Peter and those with him witness the manifestation of the Spirit as the Gentiles begin speaking in tongues. Peter sees no reason they should not be baptized “having received the same gift” as the Jewish believers.

This marks a major turning point in New Testament church history. Just like with the conversion of Saul, the news will require some convincing with the Apostles back in Jerusalem.


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Peter Meets Cornelius

Acts 10:17-33

Cornelius had a vision, Peter had a vision, today Peter travels to Cornelius’s house and begins to understand. Cornelius explains why he was summoned and we will leave off just as Peter opens his mouth and is about to speak.

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Visions of Cornelius and Peter

My family traveled out of town on Oct 22, you’re not missing an Acts series message.

Acts 10:1-16

Much like we did with Acts 9 we are going to divide the Acts 10 narrative in three parts. The beauty of the online archive is that you can just click the next sermon to continue and not have to wait a week to see what happens next. We begin with a Roman named Cornelius having a vision about Peter while at the same time Peter has a vision about clean and unclean things.

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