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Covid-19 Update: We are planning to have church services on site, in person, beginning Sunday, June 28th. No Sunday School classes yet but we will have 11 A.M. worship in the sanctuary. There will be masks and hand sanitizer available at the front door and social distancing is encouraged (as mandated by the state). 

Peace to you, and God bless.

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Freedom in Christ

God desires for you to be free. We need to define our terms and names to be sure what we mean by free. We are free from sin when we belong to Christ.

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Where Was God?

Today was our first day back in person since March 15th. Today’s sermon picks up in Genesis 22, the same text we read last week on Father’s Day.


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Father Abraham

In some ways Abraham, as the father of Isaac, was like our heavenly Father. In other ways he was not. At some point every analogy breaks down but that doesn’t mean they are not helpful to our understanding. Every relationship we experience – as parents, children, siblings, even friends – teach us different aspects of what our relationship to God is like.

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The Christian Church

What do we mean by New Testament Christian Church? What was different about the early Jerusalem Christians who were Jews and continued to meet in the Temple? The difference is Christ and it should be obvious. Join us as we finish Acts 2 and examine what it means to be the Christian Church.

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Day of Pentecost: Peter’s Sermon

We started Peter’s sermon last week on Pentecost Sunday. Today we get to the “good sfuff” of the first Christian sermon and the beginning of the New Testament Church.

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Day of Pentecost

Jesus appeared to many, in crowds large and small, for 40 days after his resurrection. Ascension Day is 40 days after Easter and Jesus commanded his followers one final time to wait in Jerusalem for the promise. Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday. I may have contributed to some confusion lately and wanted to clear that up. What happened is more important than when it happened so here we go…

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Matthias the Apostle

We read God’s Word and seek to know his will so that we can be found in God’s will. To think that any of us individually is responsible for bringing about God’s will or can interfere with his plans taking place makes too much of one’s self and does not give God enough credit.



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After 40 Days

We are two weeks from Pentecost and continue to study the time Jesus spent with his followers between his resurrection and ascension. Join us in Acts 1 as consider promises made, promises fulfilled and the promise we wait for today.

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Elizabeth and Mary: A Mother’s Day Sermon

Perhaps an unusual text for Mother’s Day but we will do the same thing we do every week, and that’s read God’s Word and let it speak to us. Elizabeth and Mary are two characters that play a pivotal role in the Bible narrative. They are also the mothers of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. As we honor mothers today the application of the text applies to everyone everywhere. Hear and believe the Gospel.

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First Things First

The Apostle Paul reminds us to keep the most important thing most important.

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