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Covid-19 Update: We are meeting for Sunday School at 10 AM and worship at 11:00. There are no evening services or other activities scheduled at this time. If you choose to join us there will be hand sanitizer and masks by the front door, please observe social distancing in the sanctuary. Sermons are also posted online. Be safe, stay well, and God bless.

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Jonah Preaches

In Jonah 3, Jonah finally reaches Nineveh and preaches the message that God sent him to deliver. The people of Nineveh, from the king down, believed God. They repented in sackcloth and ashes.

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Jonah Prays

After three days in the belly of the great fish, Jonah is willing to do things differently than what we saw in chapter 1. One might even say things were looking up.

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Jonah Runs

As we begin a series on the Book of Jonah, we see him running away from God when called. There are some details you may remember but that doesn’t mean there is nothing new here to learn.

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God Works Things Together

Romans 8:28 is like making biscuits. A lot of things that are no good on their own come together and a miracle happens.

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The Symbol is Not the Thing

Circumcision, the bronze serpent, the Jerusalem temple were all things given by God that the Israelites turned into idols. If we aren’t careful, baptism, the church building, crosses and even the Bible can be idolized by Christians. Things mean to draw us to God can become excuses for keeping our distance.

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To Seek and To Save

After re-visiting the Parable of the Forgiving Father last week on Father’s Day, we will back up to the other “lost and found” parables in Luke 15.

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Parable of the Forgiving Father

There are two sons in what we often call The Parable of the Prodigal Son and neither of them is the focus of what Jesus was teaching.

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Moses vs. Egypt

God prepared signs and wonders to prove himself and brought the Hebrews out of Egypt with a mighty hand. The first sign, and the first two plagues, the Pharaoh’s magicians were able to do as well; but they soon recognized a power greater than they could wield.

Note: I did my sermon prep using the ESV (English Standard Version) without doing a side-by-side comparison with the NKJV. The King James Version, and by extension the New King James, translates  כֵּן (kēn) and lice whereas every modern translation seems to use gnats. At least one source states that lice, gnats or fleas are all possible translations. The Strong’s Hebrew number is 3654 if anyone would like to pursue this issue further.

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Moses as a Type of Christ

There are many images and symbols in the Old Testament that picture things to come. Christ types are figures that illustrate something about the person or ministry of Jesus. Moses is perhaps the most significant individual in Judaism and the most prolific type of Christ we can identify.

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Passover Becomes the Lord’s Supper

Jesus took a religious ritual that disciples understood well and gave it new meaning. Actually, he interpreted for them what it really meant all along. We have Memorial Day because some things are important and need to be remembered.

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