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Let me be the first to welcome you to Unity Baptist Church! Perhaps you are looking for a church to visit in person or maybe you have been to a service and are now doing a little research. In either case I will take a moment and share a little about us.

As a small country church, we don’t have people directing traffic in the parking lot or a team of greeters to meet you at the front door. But I can promise you this: any visitor will be met and warmly welcomed. Our people will be happy to see you. My wife and I have served at Unity since October of 2014. I cannot write a long list of things our church “has to offer” but our goal is to be the body of Christ in this community. We read and study God’s Word and seek to share the Gospel – Good News – at every available opportunity.

Sunday School begins at 10 am and our worship service is at 11. Singing, praying, reading scripture, giving, preaching and the response to preaching are all acts of worship. We have a few special events throughout the year and partner with local churches for others. I don’t shove religion down anybody’s throat; I want to introduce you to Jesus and tell you more about him. And don’t get the wrong idea – we’re still learning as well, myself included.

You can read about our beliefs, the church’s history and listen to sermons at this website. Contact me via email pastor@unitybaptist.church or give me a call (770) 608-7005 to schedule a pastoral meeting or discuss any concerns you may have. Don’t be a stranger. Feel free to drop in anytime we are here.

Clark Bunch
Pastor, Unity Baptist Church

Clark, Teresa and Johannah Bunch

Clark, Teresa and Johannah Bunch

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The Truth of False Teachers

We continue this week through 2nd Peter 2, which includes a look back at one of the most interesting Old Testament prophet stories found in the Bible. You might say Balaam got the truth straight from the donkey’s mouth.

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False Teachers

Peter explains to New Testament Christians that in the past there were false prophets and in the future there will be false teachers. God is able to save the godly and punish the wicked, and he used specific examples from the Old Testament to prove it. He mentions Noah and Lot by name and there are lessons we can learn from them as well.


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A Short History Lesson

This afternoon our local association of churches will have their annual meeting. I’m going to share a bit of history here to avoid a rambling speech later.

In 1955 Plainville Unity Baptist remodeled the sanctuary. A new Sunday School wing and basement fellowship hall had been added in 1949. The sanctuary we meet in today was constructed in 1889; it was remodeled in 1955 and the entire building was wrapped in brick at that time. As part of the refresh, the church invested in a new pulpit podium and a new communion table. When the old podium was removed from the sanctuary part of it was refashioned into a gavel and given to the association leaders. Plainville Unity is second oldest church in Gordon County still meeting today, and was a founding member of the association that formed in the 1930’s. The church was 73 years old when the gavel was donated and that was 64 years ago.

I am celebrating five years as pastor of Plainville Unity this month. At the 2019 annual meeting later today, I will call the meeting to order by sounding that gavel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think it’s really cool. We thank God for what he has done and look forward to what he will do. Peace and God bless,

Clark J Bunch,
Plainville, GA


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The Prophetic Word

Peter reminds his audience that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not myth or fable but he and the Apostles are eyewitnesses to the glory of God. He refers to the transfiguration that he, James and John were presented for when they heard the voice of God the Father.

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Total Recall

Our series on 1 Peter is finished. Welcome to 2 Peter!

There are many similarities between the ministries and the letters written by Peter and Paul. Peter was the leader of the Christian church in Jerusalem, Paul’s letters were written to church plants and church leaders being mentored in Greek and Roman city-states of the Roman Empire. We are blessed to have such a large collection in the New Testament. The list of characteristics Peter wants his listeners to remember echoes the fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5.

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Shepherd the Flock; Resist the Devil

1 Peter 5 offers instructions for church elders and younger members; or in other words leaders and followers. Well known warning to be sober and vigilant for “your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” This is the end of our 1 Peter series.

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Gordon County Hunger Walk

Saturday October 5th, 2 pm, Black & Gold Park

This will be the 10th annual Gordon County Hunger Walk. The purpose of the event has always been to raise funds and raise awareness and we are making a bigger push than ever before to be more visible in the community. The event will be on a Saturday this year instead of a Sunday afternoon. We have already reached out to local businesses and started receiving donations and sponsorships. There will be an event t-shirt for sale this year for $20 and half of that purchase price goes directly to the cause. All money raised will be split evenly among four area food banks: Blewer Food Center, the VAC, God’s Pantry (at the 7th Day Adventist Church) and St. Vincent de Paul’s Food Pantry (St. Clements Catholic Church). There is no fee to register or walk, donations will be accepted the day of the walk. Walk will begin at the Black & Gold Park pavilion located at Hwy. 53 spur and McDaniel Station Rd. Water will be provided, walk happens rain or shine.

Click this link  to read our story in The Calhoun Times.

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Stewards of Grace

A steward takes care of something that doesn’t belong to him/her. We often speak of stewardship in terms of managing money but it applies to many things. We are the recipients of grace and must be good stewards for the benefit of others. As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (1 Peter 4:10)

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Christ-like Suffering

We spend a bit of time on 1 Peter 3:15, the basis for Christian apologetics, before getting to Christ suffered once for all sins. Expect a blog post in a day or two on why the Encyclopedia of Apologetics is on my bookshelf.

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Wives and Husbands

Peter’s instructions to wives and husbands similar to Paul’s more lengthy letter in Ephesians 5. All believers called to blessings and to be a blessing.

Note: the pastor is not quite well. If it would bother you to hear me cough and apologize then maybe don’t play this one. I struggled to get out 23 1/2 minutes but I’m preaching the Word, I’d rather try than not even bother try. 

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