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This is Clark Bunch, pastor of Unity Baptist Church, extending you a personal invitation to worship with us at our church home in Plainville, GA. We hope that old friends and first time guests are made to feel equally welcome.

I grew up in Calhoun and have spent most of my life in this area. I am a 1994 graduate of Calhoun High School and a 1998 graduate of Shorter College (now Shorter University) in Rome, GA. I met my wife Teresa while at Shorter. We have been married 19 years and have one daughter, Johannah. We were called by Unity Baptist in September of 2014.

I believe the Bible, from one end to the other, tells the story of how a holy and righteous God deals with sinful, fallen and broken people. At the center of that story is Jesus. The Bible is the center of everything we do at Unity Baptist but it’s a story that never gets old. We believe the Gospel is good news. It’s not just something we talk about at church, it affects the way we interact with friends, family and neighbors in the community. If it doesn’t sound like good news, it’s not the Gospel. If it cannot be supported by scripture, it’s not of God.

Join us for worship! Our services have very little ritual; the congregation is small but friendly. Our building is wheelchair accessible, childcare will be provided if needed. Contact me if you have any questions not addressed by the website or have any other concerns.

email: pastor@unitybaptist.church

Thank you and God bless!

Clark Bunch

Clark, Teresa and Johannah Bunch

Clark, Teresa and Johannah Bunch

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Upcoming Events: December 2016

Pray for rain – Dec. 4th at 3 pm on the steps of the Gordon County Courthouse. Christians from many churches and denominations will meet together and pray for actual rain and for showers of blessing. The forecast calls for rain Sunday afternoon so step out in faith, bring an umbrella, and join us in community prayer.

Christmas dinner – Dec. 10th at 5 pm in our fellowship hall. There is a signup sheet in the sanctuary for side dishes and desserts. Extended family members and friends of Unity Baptist are invited.

Christmas Day – Dec. 25th at 11 am. There will be no Sunday School and no evening services, but after the presents are opened and the stockings are unstuffed, join us for worship as celebrate Christ coming into the world.

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Advent, Week 1: Hope

prophet-candleIf you’re new to the celebration of Advent, there is a brief introduction at the beginning of this sermon or read this article I wrote for the Calhoun Times last year to learn more. The season of Advent is about waiting for Christ to appear. If the hustle of bustle of season’s greetings, that stretch out from before Halloween to after New Year’s Day, seems a bit much then consider Advent a spiritually healthy alternative.

The first Sunday of Advent is Hope and we light the Prophets’ Candle. The Hebrews waited for hundreds of years for the realization of their hope in Emmanuel. Let’s look again at some of those prophesies, understanding that God has always been faithful concerning his promises and we can be certain in our future hope; he came as promised and will return as promised.


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Pray for Rain: Gordon County

Join us Sunday, December 4th at 3 pm in front of the Gordon County Courthouse to pray for rain. We will pray for actual precipitation and for showers of spiritual blessings. It’s not just our association or even our denomination. We are asking for all Christians to come together for this public prayer event. Mark your calendar, share with your church and other churches. Please, thank you, and God bless.


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Coming Soon

screenshot-2016-11-16-at-10-55-11-amJust a few things to look forward to:

Advent – The Genesis sermon series will come to a close this Sunday, November 20th. After Thanksgiving we will begin keeping the weeks of Advent. This is a time of preparation for the advent, or appearing, of Jesus that we celebrate on Christmas day. Advent takes place over the four Sundays leading up to Christmas which will also be on Sunday this year. (So will Epiphany in January.)

Communion – We take communion, The Lord’s Supper, on every 5th Sunday. Normally that’s a short ritual we tack on to the end of regular service. At least once a year I like to have a worship service dedicated to what we are doing in the communion service. That will be at the end of January on Sunday the 29th.

The BIG Invite – Expect to hear more about this event in the coming months. There are 7.1 million lost people in Georgia. On average, each church member invites 2 people to church annually. 82% of unchurched people say they would consider going if they were personally invited to something specific. The BIG Invite is an initiative to invite 1 million families to attend an Easter church service this year. There are strategies (marketing campaigns) that churches can use to make this happen but we need to start now. Let us pray, plan, mobilize and then expect record breaking attendance next Easter.


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Tower of Babel

Genesis 10 gives us a rough idea of how Noah’s descendants multiplied to replenish earth’s population. Genesis 11 provides two very specific details; how God confused their language and forced them spread over the face of the earth and the lineage of Shem through which came Abram.


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Noah Gets Drunk and Naked

In the first half of Genesis 9 God gave the rainbow as a sign of his promise. At the end of chapter 9 Noah plants a vineyard, makes wine, then gets drunk and naked. It’s not a part of the story we usually hear and that’s exactly one of the points we need to make: be careful about deciding what to leave in and leave out when telling God’s story of scripture.


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God’s Covenant with Noah

We started recording the sermon Sunday morning and only got about 7 1/2 minutes. So in order to provide something and not leave a gap in the Genesis series, we’re going to put this one up the old fashioned way.

October 30, 2016     |     text: Genesis 9:1-17

A covenant is not a contract. The covenant with Noah actually begins at the end of Genesis 8. There are covenants in the Old Testament between God and Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses. The Law given at Mount Sinai established a covenant between God and the Hebrew people he was calling to himself. We don’t really have anything analogous to a covenant in our culture. The closest comparison would be a marriage but even that is considered contractual among many today. A contract has terms and conditions. If you do this then I will do that. A covenant is more about creating a relationship than a contract and does not have terms by which it can be revoked. The marriage vows do not call for the groom to do certain things only if his bride does others. Both agree to be bound by their promises until death. When God establishes his covenant he is always faithful even when humanity fails to do their part. Consider the covenant God made with Abraham, which we will get to in a few weeks. The Law later given to Moses did not undo the promise made to Abraham concerning his seed which Galatians 3 tell us is Christ. So those of us that are in Christ become the heirs of the promise made to Abraham. Continue reading

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Trunk ‘R Treat Pics

This gallery contains 9 photos.

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God Remembered Noah

Genesis 7 ends with a cliffhanger. Noah, his family and every kind of animal are on the ark. Rain had fallen for 40 days and not only were the windows of heaven opened but the fountains of the deep were broken up. How will the story end?

“Then God remembered Noah” (Genesis 8:1) is our launching point for this week’s sermon. God always remembers. He is faithful and just concerning his promises (Deut. 7:9, 1 John 1:9). Join us as we consider precious truths from God’s Word that are as true now as they were for Noah.


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God’s Flood

Last week’s sermon, Noah’s Ark, came from Genesis chp. 6. This week’s sermon, God’s Flood, is from Genesis 7. We are reminded that Noah did all that God commanded, and as a result he and his family were saved even as God judged all the rest of humanity. We will also examine the use of the number 40 in the Bible.

Click play to listen to God’s Flood.

Or follow this link to review/ catch up on the Genesis sermon series.

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