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Covid-19 Update: We are meeting for Sunday School at 10 AM and worship at 11:00. There are no evening services or other activities scheduled at this time. If you choose to join us there will be hand sanitizer and masks by the front door, please observe social distancing in the sanctuary. Sermons are also posted online. Be safe, stay well, and God bless.

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Prepare the Way of the Lord

John the Baptist began his ministry just before Jesus began his earthly ministry. John was called to prepare the people to receive Jesus, like turning the soil before planting. Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the season of preparation in which we get ready to receive good things from God.

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Blessed by Revelation

I recently preached a couple of sermons from Revelation. I stressed that John pointed out in the prologue, Rev. 1:3, that anyone who reads these words, hears these words and keeps this prophecy will be blessed. A common argument against studying Revelation is that with all of the imagery and symbolism we cannot understand it. Another thought occurred to me this week: that never stopped Jesus from teaching and preaching. Much of what even his own disciples heard was not understood until later.

Click here to read this full post on my blog The Master’s Table.

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Who is God?

Our understanding of God progresses as we read through the Bible. He reveals more of his nature and character as the narrative moves forward.

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The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation chapter 1, introduction to the last book in the New Testament. After reading the letters to the seven churches last week, this is the background of John and his vision on the Island of Patmos. Avoid Revelation at all costs and spending all your time in this book and neglecting the rest of the Bible are both wrong.

*I made a mistake not just in my notes but on the sermon outline printed on the back of our church bulletins. I realized when reading the text passage out loud during the sermon. You will hear it all go down on the audio recording. I might could edit that out but it’s fine; I’m imperfect, made a mistake, it gets corrected before we get all done.

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Examples and Warnings

Sometimes if you can’t be a good example you’ll just have to be a terrible warning. The letters to the seven churches are recorded for our benefit. Learn what they did right, what they did wrong, then choose wisely.

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Good Example vs. Terrible Warning

Solomon was a wise leader that did not always follow his own advice. All of his material possessions and entertainment options failed to bring him happiness. Think about that the next time you see headlines claiming that Christmas is not coming if all those container ships do not get unloaded.

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Run to Win

The Apostle Paul uses the language of analogy to encourage Christian believers. The prize is Jesus and he wants you to win!

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Christ Came to Save Sinners

Context is important. We have to be careful when witnessing – or for that matter with one another – that there are sinners and there are sinners saved by grace.

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Stewards of Grace

This is Sunday morning’s sermon. I was getting sick and didn’t know if I would make it through this. I crashed afterwords; Monday was the worst. So I finally listened to this sermon today and it turned out better than I expected. It’s short, 20 minutes or so, but I was concerned going in I wouldn’t be able to put two thoughts together. So with apologies for tardiness, here is the Sunday a.m. sermon at Unity Baptist, from 1 Peter 4.

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The Way of the Lord is Just

Sometimes God is accused of being unfair or unjust. Some might even imagine they will reprimand God or reason with him on the day of judgement. God’s preference is that people listen to his warnings and turn to righteousness rather than receive judgement. God’s ways are just and he implores people to choose life over judgement.

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