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Originally published in The Calhoun Times October 31, 2015 

Screenshot 2015-09-23 at 2.19.54 PM - EditedUnless I’ve lost count, this makes 8 weeks that “He Said/ She Said” has been in The Calhoun Times. I’ve had several friends and family members tell me they have been reading, and one reader even sent me an email (thank you Walter). The paper has also received at least one letter to the editor from a reader that enjoys the new feature. One of the comments I hear is that it’s “interesting.” Well there’s an old saying about different strokes for different folks, and it occurs to me that the things I find interesting might not interest everyone. So here’s your chance to speak up.

Some people study the Bible looking for lists of things to memorize, such as the ten plagues God set on Egypt or the seven churches listed in Revelation. I tend to be more interested in application. I don’t want to just know what Moses said at the burning bush; I want to know how Moses’s conversation with God at the burning bush can help me in my Christian walk. There’s lot of history in the Old Testament, but many of those historical events are allegories for the New Testament church. But there’s more to scripture than that. I don’t want to spend week after week talking about the subjects or passages that interest me; I want to know what you are interested in. Do you buy the latest Beth Moore or Thom Rainer book each time they hit the shelves, or is Oswald Chambers still your devotional of choice? Are you interested in temple architecture or would you rather learn about ways to witness to your neighbors and co-workers?

Beyond studying the Bible there’s about 2,000 years of church history that has an influence on our worship. In the early days of Christianity, church leaders had to decide which letters and writings would make up the New Testament. But who decided what to include and how did they make those decisions? Even today not all Christians agree with the decisions they made. Does your Bible have 1 and 2 Maccabees? Roman Catholic Bibles do. What about 3 and 4 Maccabees? Although they exist not even Catholics believe those are canon. Why do we say “amen?” Why do some churches not have musical instruments? Did you know that some Christians don’t use musical instruments in their worship? I could go on like this all day but what I hope to do is pique your curiosity. What are some things about Christian worship or church history have you always wondered about? I may not know the answer but perhaps we can find out together.

If you attend a Baptist church you know that new Christians are baptized. But do you know why? If you are Methodist or Presbyterian then your members are baptized but not by immersion; if your church sprinkles do you know why Baptists don’t do it that way? Maybe you attend a church that has met at the same location in the same building for 150 years. Maybe your church started a few years ago in someone’s living room. There is “one Lord, one faith, one baptism” and all believers are part of the same body of Christ. I want to hear your story. I have friends that are nothing more than good ol’ country preachers and others that hold multiple doctorates. And I have learned things from all of them. Look at who Jesus called to follow him; Peter was a fisherman. He spent long hours doing filthy work. He probably had no formal education and very few “people skills.” Matthew was a tax collector. He was employed by the Roman government and could read, write and do math. It doesn’t matter who we are, what really matters is who Jesus is.

It takes all kinds. In Revelation 7:9 John saw a great number of people, from every tribe, tongue and nation making up the Kingdom of God. I want to hear your story. I want to know what your interests are and what questions you have. If you share your story with me let me know what I can share with others. We are all at different points along the journey but we are commanded to bear one another’s burdens. My email address is or send regular mail to PO Box 415 Plainville, GA 30733. I look forward to hearing from you. Peace and God bless.

*You may also reach me using or comment on this post with questions, suggestions for topics, etc. 

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