A Note on Online Sermons

When unitybaptist.church launched a litle over one year ago, I started writing a full text version of the Sunday morning sermon. I had been blogging sermon material at The Master’s Table for years. Sermons became blog posts and sometimes vice versa. So linking Bible texts and writing sermons out in full sentences and paragraphs came quite naturally.

A few weeks ago we began the transition to recording and posting sermon audio. In order to get everything just right on Sunday morning, I relied on reading straight off the printed page more than ever. There is an appeal to writing, editing and rewriting in order to get everything just so. But I didn’t like it. Something about reading my sermon to the congregation didn’t feel right or sit well with me. They can all read, do they need me to read to them? My brother reminded me Saturday, talking about something else entirely, that a man who never makes a mistake probably isn’t doing much. His point applied well to Sunday morning.

So I’m working on going back to a very few notes during sermon prep and not writing out anything in full. Beginning with The Gospel Changes Things we will put up the sermon audio with slides and not post any accompanying text. But this is a work in progress and I’m flexible. If comments or email start coming in from folks that enjoyed the text and found it useful, I would consider writing it for the website but not for reading at the pulpit.

Thoughts? Input?

About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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