God’s Covenant with Noah

We started recording the sermon Sunday morning and only got about 7 1/2 minutes. So in order to provide something and not leave a gap in the Genesis series, we’re going to put this one up the old fashioned way.

October 30, 2016     |     text: Genesis 9:1-17

A covenant is not a contract. The covenant with Noah actually begins at the end of Genesis 8. There are covenants in the Old Testament between God and Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses. The Law given at Mount Sinai established a covenant between God and the Hebrew people he was calling to himself. We don’t really have anything analogous to a covenant in our culture. The closest comparison would be a marriage but even that is considered contractual among many today. A contract has terms and conditions. If you do this then I will do that. A covenant is more about creating a relationship than a contract and does not have terms by which it can be revoked. The marriage vows do not call for the groom to do certain things only if his bride does others. Both agree to be bound by their promises until death. When God establishes his covenant he is always faithful even when humanity fails to do their part. Consider the covenant God made with Abraham, which we will get to in a few weeks. The Law later given to Moses did not undo the promise made to Abraham concerning his seed which Galatians 3 tell us is Christ. So those of us that are in Christ become the heirs of the promise made to Abraham.

Life is in the blood. This passage doesn’t really draw out the command that God’s people are not to eat the blood of an animal but the idea that life is the blood is clearly stated. The fact that man is made in God’s image is repeated and the rule given that if man’s blood is shed, by man or beast, then the life of that man or beast will be required. The life of an animal or man is in its blood, a fact established here that will continue into the animal sacrifices made by the Levitical priests and ultimately give rise to New Testament believers coming to faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Rainbows are signs from God. God vowed that he would never again strike all life on earth and that never again would water cover the face of the earth. He told Noah that seeing the rainbow in the cloud would remind him of his promise. It’s ironic that the image of the rainbow means something else in our culture and society. Marriage was instituted by God in Genesis 2 and has since been defined, legalized and contracted by our government. Now that marriage has been redefined by our government, rainbow iconography has become the symbol of marriage equality if not gay rights/ gay pride as a whole. Where did the rainbow come from? The original rainbow was literally a sign from God. Is it just a coincidence? I don’t think so. further proof of what God saw happening in Genesis 8, that man’s heart and intents are continually set on evil. The increase of corruption and moral decay are systematic of living in a sinful, broken and fallen world.

  • Join us next week when Noah gets drunk and naked.

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