A Short History Lesson

This afternoon our local association of churches will have their annual meeting. I’m going to share a bit of history here to avoid a rambling speech later.

In 1955 Plainville Unity Baptist remodeled the sanctuary. A new Sunday School wing and basement fellowship hall had been added in 1949. The sanctuary we meet in today was constructed in 1889; it was remodeled in 1955 and the entire building was wrapped in brick at that time. As part of the refresh, the church invested in a new pulpit podium and a new communion table. When the old podium was removed from the sanctuary part of it was refashioned into a gavel and given to the association leaders. Plainville Unity is second oldest church in Gordon County still meeting today, and was a founding member of the association that formed in the 1930’s. The church was 73 years old when the gavel was donated and that was 64 years ago.

I am celebrating five years as pastor of Plainville Unity this month. At the 2019 annual meeting later today, I will call the meeting to order by sounding that gavel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think it’s really cool. We thank God for what he has done and look forward to what he will do. Peace and God bless,

Clark J Bunch,
Plainville, GA


About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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