Pray Georgia

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Pray Georgia is a week of pray and fasting that begins Monday, August 3rd and runs through Sunday, August 9th. Click this link for the online prayer guide; we will hand out print copies at church on Sunday morning. The theme for each day will be:

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The state is divided into six regions and each region will fast on a specified day. The day to fast in northwest Georgia (where we are) is Monday, August 3rd. We have had prayer and fasting at Unity before and discussed that it may not be for everyone especially those with ongoing medical concerns, diabetes, etc. Suggestions for fasting include fasting for 24 hours, fasting from sunrise to sunset or fasting one meal. You could also fast from things other than food, such as social media or entertainment for the day and spend that time in Bible reading and prayer.

The video below is an introduction to Pray Georgia featuring Thomas Hammond.

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