Bethlehem Faith

Bethlehem Faith is today’s sermon as we mark the 2nd Sunday of Advent. Click the play button below or the three dots at right to download the audio file. Two notes:

1) Last week I may have said that Elizabeth was three months along when Mary came to visit. Elizabeth was six months along carrying John and Mary stayed with her for three months. Just to clarify.

2) I took part in an online discussion this week about the ages of Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born. I did not add that to my notes and told myself the lie that I would remember. A well-meaning individual reasoned that Mary must have been at least 15, more likely 17 or 18, when she carried Jesus. She mentioned how dangerous it would be for a 13 year old to carry a child to full term. Dangerous? This line of reasoning shows a lack of faith in God, exactly the lesson that the Bethlehem story teaches us. If God could miraculously cause a virgin to conceive, he could see to her health and safety and that of the baby. The birth of Jesus was ordained before the foundation of the world. Once Gabriel told Mary it was going to happen, there was a 0% chance than anything could prevent it.

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