Church Website Restored

To put it simply, everything is functioning now the way it should. The website is up and running, the email address can send and receive email, if you had problems over the weekend those should be resolved.

The full story is more involved but for anyone interested: the website we share on our promotional products, business cards and so forth is (or just We renew a contract annually for that URL. The actual website is hosted by WordPress. I found to be rather long and complicated. It wouldn’t look good on a bumper sticker. So the simple to use and remember domain does a redirect to the actual website location.

Last summer I lost my wallet. That was the cause of many headaches, I don’t recommend it. I was carrying the church debit card at the time and that had to be replaced in addition to all my personal cards and documents. When it came time for 1&1 Ionos to renew our contract, the old debit card had been cancelled and the transaction did not go through. I didn’t know anything was wrong until Saturday morning when a friend IRL asked about the website.

In the past, the domain did a frame redirect. No matter which post or page you went to on the site, the URL address did not change because you were looking at a frame. Since I had to set that up again we went with an http redirect. Now when you type you can tell that’s a shortcut to a longer web address. If you want to share the link to a particular sermon, article or page on the website that will work. It is also better for SEO or Search Engine Optimization (which is not a major concern for a non-profit but improving our web presence may help people find us and there is no reason to hide).

If you noticed a problem, it has been corrected. If you used the Facebook page or the RSS feed on The Master’s Table to get here then you probably never notice a problem at all. If you are reading this we’re glad you found us.

Peace and God bless.

About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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