Unity Baptist Church is a small SBC church in the rural community of Plainville, GA. At this time we only meet on Sunday morning for worship. That service is at 11 a.m. We a song service with pre-recording music, we pray together, read scripture, collect tithes and offerings, the pastor preaches for 25 to 35 minutes… usually.

We baptize new believers into our church and accept members that have been baptized by letter or profession of faith.

We take the Lord’s Supper four times each year and invite any born again believer to join us (open communion).

Holman Christian Standard Bibles (HCSB) are placed in each pew. The majority of our members still bring their own KJV to each church service. The pastor will read or preach from either the ESV (English Standard Version) or the NKJV (New King James Version) most of the time.

Unity Baptist Church is part of the Gordon Memorial Baptist Association, the Georgia Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. For more on what Baptists believe please refer to the Baptist Faith and Message. For more on UBC in particular stop in for a visit or schedule a meeting with our pastor Clark Bunch:
email: pastor@unitybaptist.church

3 Responses to About

  1. Leigh Ann Cantrell says:

    Pastor Bunch, i am looking for a good church to join. I need to ask one silly question. Does this church have a dress code such as dresses or slacks with a nice dress shirt or can you be comfortable and wear jeans with a nice shirt?


    • Clark Bunch says:

      Sometimes I wear a suit (keep in mind I’m the pastor) but most often I wear a nice looking shirt with black Wrangler jeans on Sunday morning. I have a deacon that wears a suit pretty much every week but another that never does. My wife wears a dress about as often as I wear a suit. There is no rule, written or stated, that I’m aware of.


  2. Richard Bobo says:

    Pastor Bunch, I was the minister of music at Unity the during the tenure of Woody Woodfin. I was minister of music from 1975 to 1977 while I was a student at Shorter College. I have wonderful memories of the congregation.

    I have been a Southern Baptist pastor since 1983 – retired in 2017 from Immanuel Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia. I would like to give a “thank you” to Unity by giving a concert (piano), and/or speaking. I now live in Acworth, Georgia.

    I would appreciate the opportunity of giving back to the congregation that helped me on my spiritual and ministerial journey.

    Many thanks for your consideration on this matter. My phone number is (478) 538 – 4345.

    He Keeps Me Singing,
    Richard Bobo


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