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Clark Bunch is the pastor of Unity Baptist Church and author of God is Near. He and his wife Teresa have one child. In his spare time he enjoys blogging, playing guitar and riding his motorcycle. And coffee, he'd be nowhere without coffee.

Why Did Jesus Come Out of the Tomb?

For Easter we looked at three reasons Jesus came out of the tomb. “Because he’s not dead” is on the list!  

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It’s Friday, Sunday’s Coming

We watched these at church last year and probably the year before. This website has a different audience with some overlap as my personal blog. I plan to watch these every year for as long as YouTube exists or until … Continue reading

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Start Your New Beginning

Easter is this coming Sunday. People tend to think about church around Easter Sunday and Christmas time each year. You are certainly welcome to visit Unity Baptist Church anytime but we expect to have guests and first-time visitors on those … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the last time, an expectant crowd shouted “Hosannah!” and waved palm branches. Perhaps you are familiar with this story. But do you know why they shouted hosannah? Or what it means? And why were they … Continue reading

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Parable of the Wicked Tenants

During the final days before his crucifixion, sometimes called Holy Week referring to the time between Palm Sunday and Easter, Jesus had some important last words for his followers. He also had a few sharply worded exchanges between himself and … Continue reading

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From Every Nation

This is the Sunday morning sermon from March 26th. In the Great Commission (Matt 26, Mark 16, Luke 24) and again before his ascent in Acts 1, Jesus told his followers to take the Gospel to all people the world … Continue reading

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Sow Gospel Seeds

In Mark 4 Jesus shares some now well known parables about sowing and harvesting. Today we relate a couple of those to The Big Invite. Keep sowing Gospel seeds because some will find good soil, take root, and produce much … Continue reading

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Start Your New Beginning

Have you ever heard that in real life there is no reset button? The people who say that mean well but it’s not entirely true. There may be consequences for past actions that we have to deal with and work through; … Continue reading

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Jesus Prayed

Last week I asked “Will you pray?” In Luke 22, Jesus prayed the night he was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. He was the Son of God, incarnate deity himself robed in flesh, yet made it a regular habit … Continue reading

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Will You Pray?

March 5th – 12th is the Week of Prayer for North American Missions. Prayer gives us focus. There are so many voices competing for our attention. Among other things, prayer gives us a moment of clarity as remove all distractions … Continue reading

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