Sunday Morning Worship
September 25, 2022

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Call to Worship

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Offertory Hymn

Offertory Prayer


Invitation Hymn



Worthy of Worship

The Greatness of God

Glorify Thy Name

This Is My Father’s World


Overcome the World

His Eye Is on the Sparrow

Rev. Clark Bunch


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Rev. Clark Bunch


Sermon Notes

Overcome the World
1st John 5:1-13

Jesus is the Christ.

The Father, the Word and the Spirit bear witness in heaven.

God has given eternal life and that life is in his Son.


Mission Georgia 2022 – We have spent the month of September in prayer for Georgia state missions and collecting the Mission Georgia Offering. The areas of emphasis in state missions are: Human trafficking, refugees and internationals, childhood literacy, foster care and adoption, pre and post natal care. Continue in prayer for our missionaries locally, nationwide and around the world. Our next mission focus will be International (Lottie Moon) in December.