May 12 - Edited

Sunday Worship
November 29, 2020

Welcome and Prayer

Call to Worship                               Great Is Thy Faithfulness                                                # 96

Responsive Reading                                                                                                                   p. 96

Hymn                                              O Come, O Come, Emmanuel                                        # 175 

Offertory Hymn                               Wonderful Words of Life                                            # 338

Message                                                        A New Hope                                   Rev. Clark Bunch

Invitation                                       I Know Whom I Have Believed                                     # 353


Sermon Notes:

A New Hope
Isaiah 7:10-17

Hope – a feeling of  ______________________  and  ____________  for a certain thing to happen. 

The Lord will give a  ________ .

His name will be called  ________________ .



The season of Advent begins November 29th. Advent is a time of preparation for celebrating Christmas Day, focusing on the Incarnation and not the giving of presents (and a mythical being giving out presents). If consumerism and godless holiday celebrations trouble you, consider Advent as an alternative

We will focus on International Missions during the month of December and collect the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. 

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