May 12 - Edited

Sunday Worship
February 21, 2021

Welcome and Prayer

Call to Worship                                   Bless His Holy Name                                                 # 151

Responsive Reading                        A Friend Like No Other                                              p. 153

Hymn                                             Serve the Lord with Gladness                                       # 382 

Offertory Hymn                                Trust, Try and Prove Me                                            # 379

Message                                                      Salt and Light                                  Rev. Clark Bunch

Invitation                                           The Longer I Serve Him                                             # 374


Sermon Notes:

Salt and Light
Matthew 5:1-16

The conditions in the Beatitudes would have been familiar to this Jewish audience but Jesus  ________________  elevates each as a spiritual blessing.

Salt makes a noticeable  ____________________  difference when used on food.

Light has a  ____________ .



Pray for Texas. Pray for the people affected by the storm and for the many different relief efforts underway. 

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is coming soon. The week of prayer for North American Missions is March 7th through the 13th. 

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