May 12 - Edited

Sunday Worship
January 23, 2022

Welcome and Prayer

Call to Worship                          Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing                           # 98

Responsive Reading                              God’s Amazing Love                                            p. 99

Hymn                                                     He Keeps Me Singing                                           # 148

Offertory Hymn                                Let Others See Jesus in You                                    # 363

Message                                                 Why Are We Here?                             Rev. Clark Bunch

Invitation                                                       At Calvary                                                     # 245


Sermon Notes:

Why Are We Here
Hebrews 10:19-25

Did you come to hear me preach?

The worship service is more than preaching. 

The church is more than worship.



It is good to be back after cancelling last week for weather. Some in Calhoun did not see any snow at all while Plainville got enough to look pretty for a few hours and then it was all gone. The very best kind, in my humble opinion.

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