Jesus is Concealed

Christ is concealed in the Old Testament but revealed in the New. Advent is a journey. As we begin Advent and look toward Christmas, let’s go way back and begin at the beginning. Like, Genesis 3 in the Garden of Eden beginning.

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The Lord is Your Keeper

Last week’s sermon from Psalm 100 was more of a traditional Thanksgiving type message. Psalm 121 is about who God is and what that means to us, for which we should be thankful.

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The Command to Give Thanks

All of God’s commands are meant for our ultimate good. They steer us from evil and toward the God that loves us. He deserves our praise and it really is the least we can do.

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The Commandments

Start by reading the list of 10 Commandments in Exodus 20. Then take a look at The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. Then let us connect the dots.

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Body of Christ

The image of the invisible God in which all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell. The world was made by him and for him and in him all things exist. We will explore these ideas and more in the Gospel message of Colossians 1:15-20.

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The Kind of God We Have

We do not have a god that cannot see, cannot hear, and is unable to act on our behalf. We have a God that has walked many miles in our shoes.

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Eternity, Part 2

God exists outside of time. Jesus stepped right into with us, along with all the other frailties of the human condition.

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God created time, which he exists outside of, and someday we will be right there with him.

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Confidence in God

Finishing up 1st John. We are in Jesus, he is in the Father, this is the true God and eternal life.

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A Word from Tony Chester

Following Doug Ledford’s retirement in May of this year, a search committee began the process of finding our next Director of Missions/Associational Missionary. Dr. Tony Chester officially started on September 15th after receiving a unanimous vote from all pastors and church representatives present at a called meeting of the Executive Committee. Here are a few words from Tony about his vision and plans for the future. Remember, he’s new and will need some time to settle in. Let’s continue in pray for our new Associational Missionary, our association of churches, and the communities in Gordon County we serve.

A Word From Tony Chester

Dear Fellow Servants,

I am delighted to be your new Associational Mission Strategist and look forward to building deep friendships as we serve the Lord together! I am convinced that ministry is about truth and relationships! We model that to the world in our own gospel-centered fellowship while asking God to enlarge our influence and impact for the Gospel.

Of course, we have just begun to get to know one another and I look forward to learning all I need to know to become effective as your Associational Mission Strategist. Please feel free to contact Ann at the office and schedule a “get acquainted” sit down. I would love that.

My approach to this role will come with a three-fold focus. First, I will work hard to build a partnership with each of our pastors. Most of my investment will be in praying for them, dreaming together about future ministry blessings, and being a trusted confidant to them in every season of ministry. My conviction is that most pastors are quite lonely in a public role and I want to invest in real fellowship with our guys in Gordon County.

Second, I will emphasize the “strategic” nature of ministry and join with our churches in understanding the past, present and potential future of each church. We all know that Gordon is burgeoning with new commercial construction and that signals more jobs, families, needs and opportunities for every Gordon Association church! Let us work together to claim the fruitfulness that the Lord will bring our way.

Also, I will work to increase awareness of our association in the region by building upon our wonderful community investments like Blewer Food Center and Good Samaritan Ministries to enlarge our impact and continue to be known as people who care!

I believe the Lord has wonderful things in store as we keep our focus on Jesus, our knees bent in prayer, our feet burst taking the gospel to all who will listen and hearts tender and open to broken lives we meet along the way.

May the name of Christ be magnified in all things!

Tony Chester

Associational Mission Strategist

Gordon Memorial Baptist Association

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