Jesus Interpreted Scripture

The Bible is about Jesus; according to Jesus.

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He Is Risen

An Easter Poem

In the early hours of the morning, 
after the Sabbath had ended, 
a few women walked toward his grave 
to finish matters left unattended. 

They carried spices for anointing, 
to honor custom and tradition.
For he had been quickly laid in the grave
on the day of Preparation. 

So early on Sunday morning, 
even before it was light, 
they approached the tomb of Jesus
to set things back to right. 

The stone, however, was rolled away
and no body lay behind it. 
Was he taken by believers or hid by guards? 
Their concern was how to find him. 

They were startled by an angel,
dressed in white, a splendid vision. 
“Why seek ye the living among the dead?” 
he asked. “He is not here, he is risen.”

Filled with fear and excitement
at what the angel said,
they ran to tell the disciples
that Jesus was not still dead. 

The eleven found the women’s story
understandably hard to believe. 
But Simon Peter ran to the tomb, 
for himself he just had to see. 

The stone was moved, as they said,
and the sheet lay in its place. 
But the napkin was to the side neatly folded,
that had covered Jesus’ face. 

Peter saw the empty tomb,
Jesus’ body was gone for sure. 
That didn’t mean he was alive.
Seeing is one thing; faith required more. 

Mary Magdalene met Jesus, 
and two believers on the road spoke with him. 
Finally the eleven were in a closed room,
When Jesus did not enter but appeared to them. 

It would take time for them to understand
all that Jesus had taught them.
His most important work was on the cross, 
and by his blood he bought them. 

The crucifixion, resurrection,
Great commission and ascension;
it seems like an awful lot
for a few lines of poetry to mention. 

So here’s a thought, perhaps a challenge, 
instead of letting your mind sit idle: 
this story of Jesus and many others
are all right there inside your Bible.

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Firstborn of the Resurrection

There were other people, from the Old and New Testaments, that were dead and restored to life. Jesus is the firstborn of the resurrection. Colossians 1 describes the incarnation and how we are redeemed and reconciled to God through the blood of Jesus.

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He Cannot Save Himself

A Poem for Good Friday

Many questions were asked of him,
though no answer was heard.
Pilate pressed him to respond,
but Jesus spoke not a word.

As prophesied by Isaiah,
like a lamb he was silent.
Which angered the crowd even more,
and they began to riot.

Governor Pilate faced the Jews,
and in order to honor custom,
told them that at their choosing,
he would release one prisoner among them.

He knew that Jesus was delivered
out of envy, malice and vice.
But the crowd choose Barabbas,
shouting “Crucify Jesus Christ.”

Pilate washed his hands before them,
saying “I am innocent of this man’s blood.”
The crowd said “Let his blood be upon us,
and upon our sons.”

They stripped off his own garments,
placed on him a robe and crown.
And then pretended to worship,
before him kneeling down.

They placed on his head
a crown made of thorns.
Then they spat, hit and slapped him,
and mocked him to scorn.

They compelled the man Simon
to carry his cross.
And divided his garments,
by casting lots.

They made for him a sign,
placed over his head.
“This is Jesus, King of the
Jews” the words read.

Thieves were crucified with him,
on his left and his right.
One was loud and boastful,
the other more humble, contrite.

“We are guilty of our crimes,
and deserve to die this way.”
And when Jesus saw his faith,
promised paradise that day.

“He cannot save himself” they mocked,
as his blood fell to the ground.
But they were crucifying an innocent,
in whom no guilt was found.

This was God’s plan of salvation,
established before there was time.
Each event had been prophesied,
and now fell perfectly in line.

The trial, the false witness,
his hanging on a tree;
It was all prophesied clearly
in Isaiah fifty-three.

So the words of their mocking
are actually true, you see.
He could not save himself, for
on the cross… he saved me.

 -Clark Bunch

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Triumphal Entry of the Savior

Many events during Jesus’ earthly ministry had been recorded prophetically hundreds of years earlier. As Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, let’s connect some of those dots to see the whole picture. Or at least more of it.

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Who Jesus Is, What Jesus Does

The introductory verses of Hebrews says a lot about Jesus in just a few words. Let’s unpack some of that profound understanding contained in just a few short statements.

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Daniel’s Visions

Up until this point Daniel has been interpreting dreams and visions for the kings of Babylon. Beginning in chapter 7, Daniel describes and gives the interpretation of his own visions of the end times.

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Daniel and the Lion’s Den

It may be a story we all know well but what is the application for the New Testament believer? Interestingly enough Daniel 6 is more about Darius than Daniel.

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The Writing on the Wall

Belshazzar had the opportunity to learn from his father, Nebuchadnezzar, and not make the same mistakes he had made. He did not heed those lessons and did even worse than his father had done. Knowing better does not always mean doing better.

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God Humbles the Proud

Daniel chapter 4 is… different… than the rest of the book. It is a letter from Nebuchadnezzar addressed to all people and nations, recounting a 7 year period of his life that humbled him and forced him to acknowledge God.

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