He Cannot Save Himself

He Cannot Save Himself
A poem for Good Friday

Many questions were asked of him, though no answer was heard.
Pilate pressed him to respond, but Jesus spoke not a word.

As prophesied by Isaiah, like a lamb he was silent.
Which angered the crowd even more, and they began to riot.

Governor Pilate faced the Jews, and in order to honor custom,
told them that at their choosing, he would release one prisoner among them.

He knew that Jesus was delivered out of envy, malice and vice.
But the crowd choose Barabbas, shouting “Crucify Jesus Christ.”

Pilate washed his hands before them, saying “I am innocent of this man’s blood.”
The crowd said “Let his blood be upon us, and upon our sons.”

They stripped off his own garments, placed on him a robe and crown.
And then pretended to worship, before him kneeling down.

They placed on his head a crown made of thorns.
Then they spat, hit and slapped him, and mocked him to scorn.

They compelled the man Simon to carry his cross.
And divided his garments, by casting lots.

They made for him a sign, placed over his head.
“This is Jesus, King of the Jews” the words read.

Thieves were crucified with him, on his left and his right.
One was loud and boastful, the other more humble, contrite.

“We are guilty of our crimes, and deserve to die this way.”
And when Jesus saw his faith, promised paradise that day.

“He cannot save himself” they mocked, as his blood fell to the ground.
But they were crucifying an innocent, in whom no guilt was found.

This was God’s plan of salvation, established before there was time.
Each event had been prophesied, and now fell perfectly in line.

The trial, the false witness, his hanging on a tree;
It was all prophesied clearly in Isaiah fifty-three.

So the words of their mocking are actually true, you see.
He could not save himself, for on the cross… he saved me.

-Clark J Bunch
Pastor, Unity Baptist

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Passion Week

Beginning in Matthew 21 we are going to walk through some key events of Passion Week/Holy Week that starts with the Triumphal Entry and ends with Jesus being placed in the tomb.

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Christ Supplies Every Need

When we do the work of ministry we rely on God to work through us. He calls us to a work that he does, and the more we work for him the greater the reward we receive… for what he does!

There is a very well known verse in today’s sermon text. It is a promise to believers that applies to us, if we apply it correctly.

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Rejoicing and Prayer

Rejoice in the Lord always. Do not be anxious about anything, pray about everything. Pray with thanksgiving. Philippians 4; lot of good stuff in there.

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Press On

The Apostle Paul is not perfect and never claims to be but says he does one thing that we should imitate: forget what is behind, strain toward what lies ahead, press toward the mark. There is no backwards to the Christian walk. Sometimes it feels like running a race, other times it feels like going uphill into the wind. Press on. There are enemies of Christ but we are citizens of heaven.

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Surpassing Worth of Knowing Christ

The title kind of says it all. As we begin Philippians 3, Paul considered everything he had gained as loss, equating it all to garbage compared to the value of righteousness and eternal life in Christ Jesus.

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Surround Yourself with Good People

Everyone needs one, two or three friends that will move heaven and earth, so to speak, in times of need. Paul had Timothy and Epaphroditus in Philippians 2 and a few others mentioned in other letters.

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Shine Your Light

“Work out your own salvation” doesn’t mean you need to figure it out yourself. Paul is writing to believers who already have the Holy Spirit inside of them. It is God who works through us. So keeping doing that; searching for God’s will, doing his works that please him, and shining light into this dark world so that others may find him too.

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Like Minded with Christ

Paul’s directions are clear in Philippians 2: Have the same mind as Christ. That sets the bar pretty high. Striving together in one faith, serving others in humility, acting in one accord are all secondary to thinking and acting like Jesus. He humbled himself so that God could lift him up. The goal for believers: do the same.

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To Live is Christ

“To Live is Christ, to die is gain.” Well known statement in Philippians 1:21, but what exactly does it mean?

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