God Knows

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks looking at how Jacob and company got into Egypt. We being this morning, and it will awhile, considering how the children of Israel will leave Egypt. There can be no mistake in either case: God did it.

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Easter is Coming Up

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We are just getting going well in our “God is Near” sermon series. We will take a break from that series for Palm Sunday on March 25th and Easter Sunday on April 1st. Well… not so much a break as simply jumping to another part of the story. God was never more near than when he walked the earth as incarnate deity, robed in flesh as Jesus the Christ.

Celebrate the resurrection with us! There will be a community sunrise service at BB&T Park in Calhoun beginning at 7 on Easter morning. Sunday School will begin at Unity at 10 am and our worship service at 11. There will be no evening services as we spend time with family and enjoy the day.


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Joseph’s Family Reunion

Moving Jacob and his family to Egypt was part of God’s plan. God told Jacob not to fear going to Egypt for He would go with him and He would bring him up again. Joseph understood that what his brothers had meant for evil God meant and used for good. Sometimes we understand what God is doing and how our circumstances fit into his plans, yet often we do not. We can join in what God is doing, we can sit on the sideline, we can oppose God; and in the end God gets what God wants. Choose wisely.

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Intro to Joseph

When we look at the big picture, Joseph played a pivotal role in God’s plan. The descendants of Abraham would serve in a foreign land 400 years (per Genesis 15) then return to claim the land of Canaan. But Joseph was too close to the events of his own life to see the big picture. His story looks like a hard luck case, a series of events of bad things that happened to him. God was near in Potipher’s house, in prison, and on the throne of Egypt. Joseph prospered in every situation because God’s Spirit was on him. And in the long run it was all part of God’s design, like a large puzzle of which Joseph was an important piece.


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The God of Israel

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will eventually be the God of his people Israel. But this message is about God calling his servant Jacob and renaming him Israel.

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Jacob Loved Rachel

I would not ordinarily interrupt a sermon series to do anything for Valentine’s Day. But last week in our current series we ended at Genesis 28. It just so happens (tongue in cheek) that Genesis 29 is about Jacob and his labor of love. And I literally mean labor, as in manual labor. Hard work. What would you do for love?


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Announcement: Evening Services

Over the past few weeks we’ve had several services cancelled due to weather concerns and multiple illnesses. Others have had a small handful of people present. For the month of February we are suspending evening church services. From now until March 4th we will be having Sunday School at 10 am and Sunday morning worship service at 11 am only.

Pray for our church family. If you need anything don’t hesitate to call, text or email.

Peace and God Bless,

Clark J Bunch
(770) 608-7005

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The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Last week we began with the God of Abraham, in Genesis chapters 12 and 15. In this sermon we will expand our field of view and see why future generations would identify God by his relationship with this family.

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The God of Abraham

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would be a bit much for a single sermon. Today we will meet Abraham, actually just Abram at this point, and consider the covenant God made with him. Next week we will bring Isaac and Jacob into the picture, as well as the patriarchs of the 12 tribes. One thing is certain: God is near.


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God of the Boat

I very badly wanted to title this sermon “God in the Boat” but that’s technically not true.

Last week, in God in the Garden, we began a series on the biblical truth that God is near. The Great Flood is an example of God’s judgement. The world and everything in it was made by God and he was disappointed by what he had made. Judgement is God’s divine right. But Noah’s Ark is a story about mercy and grace. Noah found favor with God and by following all of God’s instructions his family and life and on earth was saved. Some folks want to focus on the God of the Old Testament being filled with wrath and smiting people. Genesis 6, 7 and 8 is about something else.


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