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Upcoming Events

Valentine Banquet ❤ Feb 12th at 5 pm  The menu is pizza and salad but there will be plenty of candy, cake and sweet things to go around. You’re invited (but please let us know you’re coming). Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace … Continue reading

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The Tomb is Empty

March 27, 2016     |     text: Luke 23:50-24:9 Is Jesus the sheep or the shepherd? A hired hand may run away if danger presents itself but a shepherd loves and cares for his sheep. Jesus described himself (John … Continue reading

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Christians and Halloween

Originally published in The Calhoun Times October 24, 2015  Anytime I am asked a direct question in the form of “What do Christians believe about (fill in the blank)?” I say it depends on which Christians you ask. Some Christians … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Resurrection!

April 5, 2015     |     Sermon text: Mark 16:1-8  Jesus is not just alive, he is risen! There are several stories, in the Old and New Testaments, of people that had died being restored to life. Jesus performed … Continue reading

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