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Hope: Week 1 of Advent

There are many prophetic texts throughout the Old Testament. This year on the first week of Advent we focus on two verses from Isaiah 9, specifically looking at the names given to Messiah.  

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Advent: Hope

We celebrate Hope on the first Sunday of Advent and light the Prophets’ candle. There are many scriptures that promise a Messiah and give different clues to help recognize him when he comes. Today we will begin in Deuteronomy with … Continue reading

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Advent, Week 1: Hope

If you’re new to the celebration of Advent, there is a brief introduction at the beginning of this sermon or read this article I wrote for the Calhoun Times last year to learn more. The season of Advent is about … Continue reading

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May I Suggest Advent?

Originally published in The Calhoun Times November 21, 2015 I love Christmas and always have. I want to get that right out in the open before anyone gets the wrong idea. There are some things about the celebration of Christmas … Continue reading

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