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Jesus Appears to his Disciples

Second week of post-resurrection appearances. We continue in Luke this week, going to John 20 next week.

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Resurrection: An Easter Poem

In the early hours of the morning, after the Sabbath had ended, a few women walked toward his grave to finish matters left unattended.  They carried spices for anointing, to honor custom and tradition.For he had been quickly laid in the graveon the day … Continue reading

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A Real Team Player

Jesus never works alone. From before his birth, through his earthly ministry, the establishment of the New Testament church and beyond Jesus has always been a real team player.

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Eternity, Part 2

God exists outside of time. Jesus stepped right into with us, along with all the other frailties of the human condition.

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Love in Deed and Truth

This sermon was preached on September 4, 2022, at Unity Baptist as part of the First John series. The text is 1 John 3:10-24 and reminds us that love expressed not in words but in action.

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Jesus appeared to numerous disciples and believers over 40 times following the resurrection. At the time of his ascension he told them to wait in Jerusalem for the promise. Last week we read about a promise made; Acts 2 begins … Continue reading

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He Cannot Save Himself

A Poem for Good Friday Many questions were asked of him,though no answer was heard.Pilate pressed him to respond,but Jesus spoke not a word. As prophesied by Isaiah,like a lamb he was silent.Which angered the crowd even more,and they began … Continue reading

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Revealer of Mysteries and Secrets

Part 2 in the Daniel series. There’s a lot we can learn from Daniel about a right relationship with God. This sermon could easily have been titled “Be like Daniel.”

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What is a Gift?

I was under the weather a few days this week but feel much better. It doesn’t take a lot of activity to feel winded and after teaching Sunday School this morning I was not able to preach without breaking down … Continue reading

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Blessed by Revelation

I recently preached a couple of sermons from Revelation. I stressed that John pointed out in the prologue, Rev. 1:3, that anyone who reads these words, hears these words and keeps this prophecy will be blessed. A common argument against … Continue reading

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