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Why is There a Jonah Chp 4?

If Jonah ended at chp 3 v. 10 it would be a happy ending. Jonah finally preached, all of Nineveh repented, God relented of his planned destruction, everybody wins. Chapter 4 reveals that Jonah is the only one left not … Continue reading

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To Seek and To Save

After re-visiting the Parable of the Forgiving Father last week on Father’s Day, we will back up to the other “lost and found” parables in Luke 15.

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Parable of the Forgiving Father

There are two sons in what we often call The Parable of the Prodigal Son and neither of them is the focus of what Jesus was teaching.

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The Luke 15 Parable

Luke 15:11-32 is well known to most people as the Parable of the Prodigal Son. That title is something of a misnomer but “The Parable of the Forgiving Father” is not likely to catch on anytime soon. Like so many … Continue reading

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