Georgia Baptist Mission Board

Screenshot 2015-09-15 at 12.56.49 PMEven as our focus for the month is on Mission Georgia, big news about about our state convention. The Georgia Baptist Convention will become the Georgia Baptist Mission Board at beginning of 2016.

Technically speaking, the Georgia Baptist Convention takes place over a 2 day period each November when representatives from around the state meet. The official corporate title of what we commonly call the convention is The Executive Committee of the Baptist Convention of the State of Georgia. Neither title accurately describes what the state convention has been doing for some time, and that’s functioning as a mission board in a state where 70% of its local population is lost. The new title, Georgia Baptist Mission Board (GBMB), “more clearly identifies who we are and what we do” according to Executive Director J. Robert White.

Read more at Christian Index. 

*The logo shown above is a proposal and could change before January 1.

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